For there must be also heresies among you, that they which are approved may be made manifest among you.

1 Corinthians 11:19

There are many errors in biblical teaching, some more egregious than others. The error discussed in this study is truly heinous an error that is a subtle innocent-looking misinterpretation designed to convince that it is glorifying God when in fact it is corrupting his word and perverting the gospel. This error is becoming more pervasive within the Church and has had devastating effects.

The error is the misinterpretation of the following group of words.

  • the faith of God
  • the faith of Jesus Christ
  • the faith of Christ,

These and other such like phrases are being taken out of their context and a false meaning applied. They are interpreted to mean that it is God’s faith or Jesus’ faith and not our faith in them. They derive this private interpretation by violating one of the basic rules of “rightly dividing the word of truth.”

A sentence is the smallest unit of grammar that has a definite meaning. Any meaning can be applied to a clause, phrase, or group of words when removed from the context of their sentence.

A sentence is a trinity, it must have a subject, predicate (verb), and a complete thought. Anything less than a sentence lacks one of those three and has no definitive meaning.

This error often insinuates if not directly teaches that men are not capable of having faith, that it is a gift that must be given them by God or more to the point, it is God’s or Christ’s faith that is given to us. This fallacy has been leavening the Church for centuries. Today the fruit of that leavening is evident in the error discussed in this study.

To begin this study we will consider the biblical definition of faith in all its aspects. The definition of faith may be well known to many but due to the attacks on it, a refresher is not unreasonable.

The errors covered here are far from harmless, their unforeseen consequences are very destructive. I have seen first hand a young family ill-equipped weak in the faith being pushed out to a supposed calling on the basis of not to worry God will give you the faith to succeed or you are not going on your faith it is the Lord’s faith that will sustain you. Unfortunately, the Lord’s faith did not sustain nor was faith provided and a young family was destroyed, torn apart when the young man was overwhelmed, returning to the world losing his wife and children.

There should be no doubt that if Satan can destroy one family with this deception many others have or will be also. This teaching is a pernicious falsehood with devastating repercussions and it has been seeping into the thinking of many Bible teachers who are not diligently studying it out.

Make the word of God as much as possible its own interpreter. You will best understand the word of God by comparing it with itself. “Comparing spiritual things with spiritual”

Sir Isaac Newton 1642-1727
English Physicist & Mathematician

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