As you can see from your responses, questions like this bring out some peculiar answers. The question as asked begs only a yes or no for a reply but such would not serve Quora well.

If the Bible is what it says it is, it would be the only objective standard of morality. In the absence of it, there would be only the subjective moral standards of men; each to his own. In other words, without a God all we have is chaos. As is testified to in today’s America. If our laws are based solely on man’s moral standards then we simply change them in accordance with the desires of the many. And as today, when we have an almost 50/50 split on every issue our government grinds to a standstill and when one does not have a majority to support them in their attempt to change the laws in their favor some resort to any method to achieve their purpose.

As a Bible believer, the following two quotes sums up my response to your question.

Henry Ward Beecher (1627-1691) Minister, abolitionist
    Robert Charles Winthrop (1809-1894) Speaker of the United States House of Representatives

      Many evils have been and are being done in the name of God, Bible, and Christianity. What would you expect an enemy, Satan, to do if he wanted to defame and keep men from them? But where God is feared not rejected, where the Bible is believed not used, where men seek a Saviour not a religion, there is a peace and a joy the world cannot give.

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