At twenty-six while in the USMC Paul Walker found and accepted the salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ. He had gone twenty-six years not knowing what a Bible was other than a book with that title. It used to perplex him when he saw a magazine such as “The Shooters Bible”, “The Trout Fisherman’s Bible”, wondering what was meant. After trusting in the Lord, he read the Bible threw over the next thirty days. His Christian life had many ups and downs. Several times he was led astray by some with, possibly good intentions but, definitely false understandings of the Scriptures. He determined that the biggest impediment to his Christian life was not having any faithful elders in the faith to guide and counsel him, men who had labored “in word and doctrine.” Brother Walker is determined to be a faithful elder and to help as many as he can learn the Bible correctly. His books and studies are the fruit of that forty+ year effort.